Saturday, 2 May 2009

Little details

Was off to the vampires for some tests on Thursday. I have to have a longer test (about 2.5h) on 27th May and then they can decide on treatment options. This is a minor health issue but it is being investigated very thoroughly, for which I am grateful. Only I wish it didn't involve so many appointments.

The rest of the week was good, I got some good work done and spent some time with cherished friends. Yesterday I planted sunflowers, nasturtiums, calendula and some very pot-bound supermarket lavender and mint, as my act of May Day subversive gardening. If they survive (and I'll be walking past on my way to Academic Institution most mornings, so can water them if it gets dry) I'll probably take some pictures.

Sweetie is away this weekend, and I am missing our usual weekend routine of lazy but companionable mornings on the sofa. This afternoon I am going for a walk with a dear friend who lives in the area I am planning on moving to, which should help me feel a little less lonely. Then off to the pub for another friend's party. I love my friends so much. I can't really keep up with them all, and we don't see eye to eye on everything (many of them are atheist or agnostic, for a start), but every last one of them is fantastic.

While I'm in the area I'm going to move to, I'm going to have a look at churches. Nothing major--just find the actual buildings, jot down service times and names and maybe contact info if it's there. The only one in the area with a decent website is part of the Forward in Faith brigade and I just don't think I would feel comfortable in such an environment.

Yesterday was blogging against disablism day and I failed to post about it. I feel I've let the side down a little, as someone with various disabilities; mine are usually not immediately obvious which means I have more trouble with passing as 'normal' and being expected to cope in situations where I can't than I do with prejudice based on obvious disability.

Next week classes start again at Academic Institution. I'm feeling a lot less stressed than I was before Easter, and I've got rid of the worst of the exhaustion. But this is the end of a four-year course, there is a Big Exam at the end, I have moving house and visits from parental units to contend with in the summer ahead, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I'll probably continue to feel overwhelmed until I've settled into a new routine, post-degree.

Internet access has been quite patchy again, but if I still have any left I might post about something serious tomorrow evening. There are ever so many serious topics floating around in my head. Love and fear and hope, and impatience and eternity and change, and words and music (always), and ritual and flexibility.


FranIAm said...

Prayers, good thoughts and wishes to you Song.

These words will long stay on my heart..."Love and fear and hope, and impatience and eternity and change, and words and music (always), and ritual and flexibility."

Song in my Heart said...

Thank you for commenting, Fran. I meant to reply sooner and then kept putting it off because it seemed a bit late! Silly me.

I hope all your being busy is going well.