Sunday, 7 June 2009

A quick request

If you're a praying person and so inclined, please pray for Rev J who had a heart attack Friday night/Saturday morning. She sought help quickly and the prognosis is good, but it's still scary stuff. Please pray also for her parishioners.


Ostrich said...

Of course I will. How frightening. And are you scared?

Song in my Heart said...

Thank you, Ostrich.

I'm scared, but not as scared as I was yesterday when I knew she'd been taken ill but had no other details. I don't really know her all that well, but some people do just shine, and she's one of those.

Ostrich said...

If her shine starts to fade, then it is up to you to shine for her until she can do it once again for herself. Loving someone means learning their song and singing it back to them when they forget how it goes.

Song in my Heart said...

Truly, I only know a few notes of her song. But it's a song of truth and welcome and healing which I will try to sing anyway.

I know some who work with her a little better and possibly the most support I can give is to help them keep their songs going while they carry the tune of hers for a while.