Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I have been in Somerset, visiting Sweetie (who is here for two weeks of training) and having a bit of a rest. Yesterday I cycled about 12 miles, in beautiful weather, just because I could.

This time last year, vacationing in the same area, I had no interest in visiting various small country churches dotted around. This year year I am much more enthusiastic. The two I've visited so far were both unlocked, which is wonderful. I wish we could have that in London!

Sweetie is somewhat disturbed by how much I have changed, how much I keep changing, but remains politely tolerant. I can understand why it worries him. We've talked about it, of course, and we will again. But it will remain fundamentally unsettling for him. It's unsettling for me and I have at least some measure of trust in God, some embryonic faith that all will be well, some inkling of an idea that if I am honest with myself and with God I may still make mistakes but I will not go irretrievably wrong. When pressed Sweetie is a sort of theoretical agnostic and functionally he is atheist (though not anti-theist) and his beliefs offer him no comfort in the face of unpredictable transformation of one he loves dearly.

While I have been here there have been e-mails back and forth to the letting agent regarding our home in Upper Suburbia; the long and short of it is that the landlord verbally agreed that he would remove some items of furniture and is now refusing to honour that promise. This is very frustrating and disappointing. Regretfully the letting agents are accusing us, the tenants, of making things up regarding what the landlord had agreed to remove. I am unsure whether to let this go or whether to fight it tooth and nail. Either way it will be a challenge to continue making home there with this mess to work around.

I did have a chat with a new acquaintance who it seems will also be a useful contact, sending students my way when she hasn't the time for them. This is very good news indeed, it could give me a much-needed head start on that part of my career in a new neighbourhood.

While I am here I need to work on a job application. It's for a position which would give me a good chunk of hours and allow me to re-learn some things I've forgotten and broaden my horizons in a way which will be useful in further work. I don't know if it's the right position for me, but applying can't hurt. The deadline for applications is Friday and much of tomorrow will be taken up with travel so I need to have a think tonight about what to put in a cover letter.

Thinking about all this stuff doesn't seem like a holiday at all, in some ways. But yesterday I cycled, and I napped, and in the evening we went out to look at the meteor shower. And shortly I'll be off to meet Sweetie for lunch and then cycle to the sea-side, hopefully the rain will hold off until I get back.


it's margaret said...

it's too rainy and cloudy here for us to see the meteor --but we are having a little holiday too. sorry about the mess with your new home --hope it all works out to the best.

enjoy the rest of your holiday.

blessings dear Song.

Song in my Heart said...

Thanks so much, Margaret.

I am home, and the mess is not feeling quite so messy now that I've moved the filing cabinet and a few other bits around... I think we might be able to make this work. The breach of trust is now more serious than the excess furniture. At least now I know that yes, I really do need to get everything in writing from these people.

Having a filing cabinet is good. I've needed one for years. This is the first place I've had space for one.

The rest of the holiday was lovely, too, thanks. Sweetie gets home on Sunday. Hope the rest of your holiday goes well and you enjoy the closet and your new room.