Monday, 2 November 2009

is there a patron saint for hard drives?

Apologies for recent radio silence. My computer broke, on my birthday, no less. This is making it hard to keep up with my usual reading and commenting, which has already been much curtailed because of a busy musical life.

It's going to be around 2 weeks before I get my computer back, I'm told. Thankfully it is still under warranty and so this is costing me nothing.

Yesterday I spent at Leafy Suburb Church. It was wonderful to spend a day singing and visiting with much-beloved friends. As two weeks ago when I was there for Evensong, I was very aware of how much the sense of open acceptance and welcome I have felt there has influenced my journey toward Christianity.

I guess that's part of why I feel so strongly about invitation and inclusion.

There's an entire world more to write there, but I have teaching to do.


Ernest said...


Don't worry about the computer it will be sorted.

I had attended a funeral this morning which was Secular in music and content and without a Priest, but with a layman reading a Eulogy. Given that the average age of attenders must have been 60, it just felt out of place and uncomfortable, especially when they said the Lord's Prayer halfway through?

I felt in need of spiritual nourishment and as Aylsford Priory, a Catholic Centre, which was just up the road, from the Crem. It is a quiet peaceful place, with lots of different chapels and places to walk and reflect.

By coincidence, there was a Mass due to start, so I went and sat in.
If you are not a practicing catholic or even a Catholic, not in good standing with the Church, you are not permitted to take Holy Communion. Knowing this, I felt intimidated enough not to just go up and take communion.

This is where the Anglican way is preferable and more inclusive, as they will permit a Christian of any denomination to receive Holy Communion as long as they are in good standing with their home church, and the Celebrant is unlikely to quiz those taking communion on that fact.

So my spiritual nourishment was received in the Sacrament of the Word via the Gospel and the Sign of Peace, which is not discriminatory.

Sometimes I wonder about unity, whether it will ever come about in a way, which will allow every human being, who receives and acknowledges the Word of God to feel part of a universal body of God here on earth, without all of these divisions, which are man made, certainly, God did not plan it so.

Man created dogma and doctrine which divides people, not God, so why are we making excuses for division and not seeking out actively Gods word and love and sharing it unselfishly?

Questions I am struggling with at the moment.

Jan said...

Sorry about the computer. Hope you had a nice birthday though.

it's margaret said...

Ack! --sorry about the computer.

Blessing abound upon you for you birthday, and for your ministry in music.

the cajun said...

Maybe the computer problem was a birthday gift to guide you away from the screen and into life and music.

Happy Birthday.

Song in my Heart said...

Many thanks for your good wishes, all. I'm back, kindof, with a repaired computer and a huge backlog...

非凡 said...

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