Thursday, 15 July 2010

Please pray for Margaret and her family.

I have been reading "The Go-Between God" by John V Taylor; a friend recommended it to me in the course of an e-mail discussion about mission. There are some things that are very dated, some things that I don't understand, some things that I don't agree with... but every three pages or so I read a sentence and think, "Yes, THAT! That is what I have been trying to say, that is what I have needed to hear!" I think this is a book I will keep coming back to.

Life continues. I had a nasty deadline a few weeks ago for a competition and lost a lot of sleep over it. The NHS has been giving me lots of physiotherapy for my dodgy ankle and it is, slowly, improving. My phone is on the way out -- same problem as the last one had. Teaching is winding down for the summer. Sweetie is sweet. Intrepid Anthropologist has submitted her thesis. The C of E is lumbering its way slowly toward more inclusive structures.

Any recommendations for books on intercessory prayer?


Ernest said...

John Pritchards the Intercessions Handbook SPCK 1997 is a pretty good primer for intercessions.

I read it and use it when preparing mine.

Available on amazon quite cheap.

it's margaret said...

thank you Song.