Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pre-weekend post

Friday evening I'm off to Leicester to visit Sweetie's father. I look forward to good food and better company; I'll be back Saturday night in time to teach on Sunday. I'm not sure how much useful internet access I'll have while I'm gone.

Some people and situations I'm praying for, in no particular order:

From MadPriest:

A certain Ostrich is having a hard time, in a way I can relate to on levels I'd rather not.

There are so many from MadPriest, he's put them into list.

MadPriest himself is mustering courage for a worthwhile but somewhat daunting risk.

From Grandmère Mimi:

Roseann is very much in need of prayers for healing.

Lance had a run-in with a table saw.

If these people aren't my enemies I don't know who is, and I don't even really know how to pray for my enemies. But I pray that they'll find some peace and stop making trouble for the rest of us, and I give thanks they've not been allowed to come here.

From my own more immediate circle, alphabet soup so as to protect their identities (and mine):

I pray for strength for C, a friend of mine, and healing for her brother P, who is currently in hospital. Today I learned that this is a situation which will require ongoing prayer, rather than just the acute medical crisis of which I'd been told and which I'd already been praying about.

I pray for A whose beloved Nana broke her hip this week.

I pray for K who bought a house today. May it become a home for her.

I pray for E who today found out about the death of a friend and mentor in a skiing accident.

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