Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Warm Welcome

Well, I've been here about twelve hours. Over the last six my thoughts have ranged from, "How lovely that people are so welcoming," to "Good Lord, what have I gotten myself into?" to "Oh, looks like I have to do some hand-washing tonight." The latter is because the washing machine here at Chez Song is having some trouble and I didn't realise until after it had wet an entire load of laundry, but the others are reactions to the response of the community here.

I'm touched by the friendliness and acceptance I've been shown. Thank you all so much. I was going to wait until the morning to post anything but at this rate I'll have too many comments to read before I have to leave for work.

Off to finish washing my socks.


Jan said...


I've been washing all day, more than just socks. But that's because I was gone all week, and clothes piled up here at home.

Erika Baker said...

We have an additional 4 people here over half term, 2 of them toddlers - the washing machine never seems to stop!

Anonymous said...

Hand-washing? Great. Give me your address and I'll bring round my smalls! So long as your rates are reasonable!