Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Digital Economy Bill

I don't know where to start on this one, or on copyright issues in general.

For me, it ties in with protecting artists' rights, with creativity, with generosity. With giving of our gifts freely, with doing our life's work rather than living a sort of financial idolatry. It's about how we assign value. It's about how we assign power.

Charlie Stross on why it's bad for authors. "What about foreign agents representing British authors to other foreign publishers? Hello? Has anyone thought this through?"

Cory Doctorow on why the proposed Digital Economy Bill is bad... "It consists almost entirely of penalties for people who do things that upset the entertainment industry (including the "three-strikes" rule that allows your entire family to be cut off from the net if anyone who lives in your house is accused of copyright infringement, without proof or evidence or trial)"

Copyright infringement would include things like filesharing. The "without proof or evidence or trial" thing is simply terrifying in terms of the precedent set.

Open Rights Group with what you can do about it.

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