Saturday, 20 March 2010

That time of year again.

Been rather busy lately; several creative projects on the go at once, as is usual, plus things are getting busier at Nearest Church in the run-up to Easter.

Margaret said, "Lent is never quiet, never a time for reflection or spiritual house-cleaning. Not if you work for the church." She's right, of course. For those who are called to shepherd others, to provide the time and care and infrastructure for helping people along their various meandering spiritual paths, it can be quite difficult even in ordinary times to carve out the time for one's own needs. It can be well-nigh impossible to attend to discernment and or even just find time to relax into God's presence. Yes, there are spiritual directors, yes, there are retreats, but the system is never perfect, and I know an awful lot of people who go hungry because they're so busy feeding others.

So I pray for all who work for the church, lay or ordained, at this particularly busy time. I pray for all who are struggling to carry their own burdens as well as those of others -- all who are dealing with bereavement, uncertainty of employment, illness or injury in themselves or loved ones. I pray for all who are weary and exhausted, all who are trying to fit their work for the church into secular work in a secular society, all who are feeling academic pressure. I pray for those in obvious leadership roles and for those working quietly behind the scenes. I pray for the hopeful and for the discouraged, for the ones who minister with joyful eagerness and for the ones who are more reluctant.


UKViewer said...


I have been following with interest developments that have been keeping you busy - and the pressure you are so obviously under, working, teaching, producing, making music central to people and their lives.

I see from Margaret's reflection that Lent is never quiet! I think she is right, but making time for quiet is so important.

I managed a one day retreat last Saturday, which provided real space for examining spirituality and my journey. It comes at a time when the pace is hotting up towards seeing a Director of Ordinands and going through some quite intense stuff in preparation for Easter. Key to this has been reconciliation of and forgiveness of others and myself perhaps for the past.

I think often of your journey, and wonder how it is going. Following on twitter gives it form and direction in short bursts.

I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Kathryn said...

Suspecting that I may be among those whom you are carrying about, thank you so much for the prayer xxx
Verification thing = inaddle. Says it all!

it's margaret said...

Bless you Song! I will accept your prayers --and please know that I took yesterday for myself!!! --so your prayers are at work in me.

One more week of Lent --then off and running in to Holy Week --I live for Holy Week --just sayin'.

Song in my Heart said...

Ernest, I'm glad you found the time for a day retreat. Thank you for your prayers, as always. I am pleased to be able to keep in touch on Twitter a bit, though I fear the quotidian nature of most of my tweets might put some people off.

Kathryn, of course you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm struck by the similarity between "caring" and "carrying" -- I misread your comment the first time. Either way it's no trouble.

Margaret, I am glad to read that you took a day off, too, and that you are looking forward to Holy Week. May you live it in all its fullness.