Saturday, 14 March 2009

Have a heart. And a liver. And some kidneys...

As most readers here will know, Roseann over at Give Peace a Chance needs a kidney. I don't really know Roseann, but I've been praying for her all the same, because she seems to be part of this community and you all seem to care, and a little more prayer isn't going to hurt her or me. And I've known others waiting for kidney transplants and it is every kind of not fun, folks, that you could ever imagine.

Roseann has been turned down for a transplant waiting list, because she's considered too high-risk by that particular medical institution. Now, there are lots of things wrong with that, and they'll probably be discussed elsewhere, but here's the thing:

She's been turned down because there are so few kidneys available that only those with the greatest need and the greatest chance of survival even qualify for the waiting list.

If you aren't on the organ donation register in the country where you live, I want you to have a good long think about why not. If you were hit by a bus tomorrow, what would happen to your liver, your kidneys, your heart? Those could save three or four lives, and you'll have no need of them.

If you aren't on the organ donation register in the country where you live, and you have no strong objections to donating your organs after you're done with them, I'd like you to sign up. I would consider it a personal favour.

Here's how to get started in the UK.

Here's how to get started in the US.

I'm not sure about other countries, but feel free to add links in comments.

Consider, also, becoming a living kidney donor. I've considered it--seriously--but my own health problems prevent me being a suitable donor at this point.

(It's quite likely that this did the rounds months ago, long before I got here. Too bad. It's important enough to repeat.)


the cajun said...

I've been a donor since my 20's and now that I'm old there may not be anything left of value. Heh!

It's very easy in my state to sign up. It can be done when you get or renew your driver's license. Couldn't be easier.

I've been praying for Roseann, too.

Thanks for posting the links, as well.

Song in my Heart said...

Thanks for the comment; I'm glad it's easy to sign up to be a donor in your state. I think a lot of people probably mean to do it and then just don't get around to it, which is a shame.

Jan said...

I appreciate you putting the links for both the USA and UK. I'm registered as a donor, which is on my driver's license.

Song in my Heart said...

I'm glad you're registered as an organ donor, Jan.

I would have included links for other countries, too, but I'm not really sure where most of my readers are. I'm surprised I didn't see any international listing site come up when I did a preliminary search.

Kathryn said...

Just droppped in to thank you for your really helpful input over at my place...glad you are plugging organ donation here - it's good that it's now an option to check when applying for a new driving licence but *I wish we could move from an opt in to an opt out policy here

Song in my Heart said...

Thanks for dropping by, Kathryn. I'm glad my comment was helpful, I know my perspective is somewhat limited in some ways.

I'd like an opt-out system too: an awful lot of people in London don't bother with a driver's licence, myself included, and easy as it is to sign up I think many who don't object simply do not get around to it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for providing the links! I am now a registered organ donor, for everything if it's needed!! Of course, that's a huge "if" since I'm over the hill quite a ways, and some of those organs might well be tired out when the time comes to harvest them!
Prayers for Roseann, and all who wait....