Sunday, 22 March 2009

I aten't ded.

So many thoughts swirling around in my head, and I don't seem to have the mental wherewithal to put any of them into a coherent post. Here, have an incoherent one, instead.

Of course I ended up thinking about motherhood and my own Mum and our relationship. I've re-written the rest of this paragraph several times now, trying to find a way to explain things accurately without speaking ill of anyone. Perhaps some things are better left unexplained, at least in such a public forum.

Reading some of the Mothering Sunday messages that have been about has made me cry. I think Good in Parts and Reflectionary are the main culprits.

Some of the tearfulness is probably just tiredness. Big Project had a final performance on Friday night, after weeks of preparation and rehearsal. Soon I will have to do all the evaluative paperwork but for now I am leaving it well alone; this week I have completely different performance goals, and some nasty administrative paperwork to try to sort out.

I'm glad of the online spiritual sustenance; the sermon I heard at Evensong today did not do much for me. Maybe I just don't have the background or I'm too tired, but it seemed to be linking too many unrelated ideas in ways I didn't understand. But the music was good.

Yesterday - spring! It has sprung, at least in London. I was extremely tired but managed to wander around the park and made nettle soup. That will teach those nasty nettles to sting me.

There are actually quite a few good plants to eat at this time of year if you know what you're looking for. Most of them aren't as bothersome as nettles. I rather like being aware of the ways the world feeds me.


Kathryn said...

You ARE brave - eating metropoliyan nettles :-)
I'm sorry you are being so battered by life. Take care.

Song in my Heart said...

Nettle soup seems a better use for the nettles than leaving them to sting me. There's very little bravery involved, though, more a matter of rubber gloves.

I'm not so very battered by life as some. I do tend to cram a lot in, though, and it's That Time Of Degree, the time when there's a lot to do no matter what.

Thanks for your kind words. I will try to take the best care that I can.