Friday, 27 March 2009

plodding along

It's getting toward the end of a busy week.

The sadministrative (that was a typo but I'll leave it!) problem that reared its ugly head a week and a half ago has not gone away but it is firmly in hand and not bothering me so much now. One of the staff, at least, at Academic Institution sees my point of view, agrees that students ought not be penalised for administrative failure on the part of Academic Institution, and will write letters in my support.

Performance last night went well. It was exhausting and conditions were not ideal but we played well. The German Requiem, in particular, was meaningful for me as a friend's brother died earlier this week. The commute home after the concert was unpleasant, I did not get in until well after midnight. As I was up at 6am again today this was less than ideal. Today is another ibuprofen day. We get to repeat the performance tonight in a less forgiving acoustic. Despite the tiredness, I'm looking forward to it. It helps that the commute afterward will be shorter and include the company of Sweetie, who I've not seen for a week.

Tomorrow I will rest. I had hoped to travel northward to meet Grandmere Mimi but I think I am too tired for the journey at this stage. I need to practise a little but can take it easy. I might make nettle soup again, if there is fine weather for foraging. Sunday I teach all day. Monday I rehearse, then teach.

Tuesday I have a solo performance. It's a competitive situation; my task is to find the courage to play with love, warmth, honesty and joy despite this. In some ways it helps that I don't have a hope of getting through to the next round of competition!

After that things finally quiet down a little. I'm planning to work half days for the last three days of next week. Depending how tired I am and whether the lurgy I've got now makes itself scarce, I may extend that until Easter. I want to catch up on rest and get some physical vigour and stamina back. After Easter I have the last three big written assignments to do, and my final recital to prepare for, and then this course of study will be finished. And there will be much rejoicing.

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